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7 Techniques to increase the size of the penis (and if they really work)

Despite the fact that techniques to increase the penis are quite sought after and requested, most of the time urologists do not recommend them due to the lack of scientific studies that prove their results in the short and long term, which can have consequences such as pain, damage in the nerves, blood clots, tissue damage and, in some cases, erection problems.

On the other hand, there is a situation in which the urologist may indicate surgery to increase the size of the member, called micropenis, which is a rare condition in which the man has a much smaller than average size penis. However, it is a delicate procedure and can be associated with some risks and complications.

Due to the lack of scientific evidence to increase the size of the penis, it is best to consult a urologist if you are not satisfied with the size of the genital member before starting any treatment or carrying out existing techniques.

The techniques that are normally used to increase the size of the penis are:

1. Jelqing exercise
The Jelqing exercise or technique is considered a natural way to increase the size of the penis, since it has no contraindications or any monetary cost. It is based on the fact of increasing blood circulation in the genital member, which could increase the size and thicken the penis.

Although it is considered a safe technique, the Jelqing exercise has not been scientifically proven, so it is not recommended by doctors. In addition, in case of performing movements wrongly, aggressively or if the exercises are performed frequently, they can cause pain, irritation, injury and damage to the penile tissue.

2. Stretching apparatus
Stretching devices are usually placed at the base of the glans penis and are intended to create pressure on the shaft of the penis to lengthen it. It is believed that the continuous use of this type of device is capable of promoting the increase of the penis during erection.

So far there are few studies that indicate the positive effects of this type of device to increase the penis, so they are not recommended by urologists. In addition, the use of stretching devices may not be comfortable, in addition to generating excessive force on the penis and causing injuries, nerve damage and the formation of clots.

3. Vacuum pumps
Vacuum pumps are normally indicated by the urologist in the treatment of erectile dysfunction because they promote an increase in the amount of blood in the penis during erection. In this way, the use of the pump must be done according to the doctor’s instructions.

The use of vacuum pumps does not have scientific bases, taking into account that the effect is temporary, only during erection, in addition to not being indicated by the doctor since when there are no alterations, the frequent use of the vacuum pump It can cause damage to the tissues of the penis and lead to erection problems.

4. Drugs to increase size
Currently there are several medications and creams with vitamins and hormones that are believed to help increase the size of the penis due to the fact that they increase the amount of blood in the member and promote a longer duration of erection. However, the function of these drugs is to promote erection and not to increase the size and volume of the penis.

In addition, there are some medications that can have negative effects on men’s health in addition to being able to interact with other medications you are currently taking.

5. Use of rings
The idea of ​​using penis rings is due to the increase in the amount of blood in the body of the genital member during erection, which could cause a temporary increase effect. However, this technique does not have scientific evidence, and it is considered dangerous, because if the ring is too tight or remains on the penis for a long time, it can stop the blood flow to the area and cause complications.

6. Enlargement of the penis
The thickening of the penis can be done through a surgery called penile bioplasty. It is a recent technique that reports being effective in increasing the circumference of the genital member and, in some cases, the length, requiring the injection of hyaluronic acid under the skin of the penis.

Despite being a simple procedure, it is not recommended due to the associated risks. since depending on the quantity and quality of the applied substance, there may be a serious inflammatory response, increased risk of infection and necrosis of the genital organ, requiring amputation.

In addition to the risks associated with the procedure, more studies are also necessary for it to be accepted and to verify its long-term effects, as well as the time between performing the surgery and the manifestation of results.

7. Penis enlargement surgery
Surgery to increase the size of the penis should be the last option to be considered by the urologist to increase the penis due to the risks associated with the procedure, such as increased risk of infection, presence of scars and deformities that can end up making erection difficult. The changes that can be observed after surgery are usually related to the aspiration of excess fat in the area, making the penis appear larger, but in reality it is the same size.

Most of the time, techniques to increase the penis are performed by adolescents who believe that they will have results, however, the increase in the penis is due to the normal growth process and is not necessarily related to the techniques.

In addition, it is important that before performing any technique, the urologist is consulted so that the situation can be evaluated and some type of treatment can be indicated, such as the use of the hormone testosterone, for example, which can stimulate the growth of the penis. . Learn more about surgery to enlarge the penis.

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