Types of condoms

Types of condoms and their uses at different times.

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In recent years, advertisements for exotic condoms have proliferated, especially coinciding with Valentine’s Day (as if abstinence were practiced in this country on the rest of the days of the year). However, my experience across the counter tells me that there are still many individuals unaware of the existence of other types of condoms beyond the classic “blue box.”

Typically, people in their 20s and 40s face the contraceptive display and spend some time observing and browsing. They ask about the offer and the occasion and do not repair questions about the different types of condoms and lubricants. They explain to you and you explain to them. And everyone is so happy.

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In older people, the purchase process is usually much lighter and simplified. Many women, especially around menopause, feel some shame in dealing with these issues. If the pharmacy is in a small town, this modesty turns into panic in case the neighbor, the friend or the sister-in-law discovers them by asking for those more or less exotic condoms. It is a fact that the pharmacies of the small towns sell condoms… for the inhabitants of the neighboring small towns.

Probably some of you who read this post these attitudes may seem anachronistic and outdated. However, in 2018 sex remains a taboo in many areas and the lack of information on sexual health, a serious widespread problem.

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Types of condoms most used in the United States
Classic condoms
They are the best sellers, those of a lifetime. The brands with the greatest presence in the pharmacy are Control and Durex. Both are similar: transparent, lubricated and made of latex. However, they present a two-millimeter difference in nominal width (54mm for the Control brand versus 56mm for Durex). In other words, Durex condoms are slightly wider than Controls.

They are the cheapest condoms and in famatia it is common to find offers of two boxes for ten euros ($ 0.40 for a condom). I insist on the price because it is sometimes used as an excuse (especially among teenagers) when it is actually possible to find a box of quality condoms for what it costs us a drink.

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XL condoms
XL condoms (or XXL as requested by those who are considered to be true wonders of nature) are similar to the classics but with greater nominal length and width. They are not actually much wider either: 57 mm (in this case the Durex ones measure the same as the Control ones).

According to a particular survey conducted by myself over long years, 50% of men who ask for XL condoms lower their claims when they are informed that XL condoms, in addition to being larger, tend to be more expensive. As for the braggarts who ask about size XXL, 100% end up buying the classics.

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Extra fine condoms
Ultra-thin, extra-thin, sensitive or full-contact condoms (depending on whether the marketing gentlemen will advertise them) are 20% less thick than classic condoms. Its objective is to offer an experience with greater sensitivity to the user, guaranteeing adequate security.

Extra thick condoms
They theoretically offer greater security. To be able to mention it on the packaging, it is not enough to be thicker but they must have passed certain resistance tests. Its use is rare.

Extra-lubricated condoms
There are situations in which more lubrication can come in handy, for example, during the first sexual relations since in some cases they can be more painful. Other situations that may require more lubrication are postpartum or menopause (in this case there may be greater vaginal dryness due to the loss of estrogen).

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Specific lubricants can also be used for this purpose. It is important to remember that they must be water-based so as not to damage the condom and respect the vaginal pH. You should not use petroleum jelly, oil of any kind, or the hand cream that sits on the bedside table.

Condoms with retardant
Inside the condom they contain benzocaine, an anesthetic present in other products such as the famous Hemoal or Dentispray (for toothache). Benzocaine causes a superficial numbing of the penis which could theoretically scratch some time before ejaculation. In some cases, the desensitization is accompanied by “confusion” and an unexpected Game Over.

Condoms with stretch marks
Although visually they have the appearance of medieval torture devices, these condoms have little dots and striations strategically arranged along the condom to promote female arousal.

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Condoms with spermicide
Spermicides slow the movement of sperm and act as an added contraceptive. However, in 2003 the WHO warned that its use can increase vaginal lesions and therefore its use in the context of HIV prevention is not advisable.

The most widely used spermicide is Nonoxynol-9. Although some manufacturers have recalled their condoms with this component, Control continues to market it under the name Control Protect.

Flavored condoms
There is no ceiling for the imagination of the aromas and flavors in condoms. The more tropical the fruit and the more aphrodisiac the spice name seems, the better. Some even offer a stimulating “chill effect.” There is everything in the vineyard of the Lord.

Although chocolate is always a classic, another survey conducted by myself over many years shows revealing results: the exotic flavors are those of impulse buying and the classic flavors those of loyal buying. We haven’t discovered America yet.

It is striking that the concern for health and food safety is such that some of the claims of these products refer to the absence of sugars in their composition. I will have the detail to save you the easy joke.

Condoms with colors
I remember the United Condoms of Benetton that appeared back in 97 causing a stir. Except for occasional jokes, they are not products that are in high demand among consumers.

Condoms with heat and freshness effect
You either love them or you hate them. They do not leave anyone indifferent.

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Condoms “with shoehorn”
Yes gentlemen, Control has some condoms called “Easy Way” with a kind of applicator to place them more easily. After seeing the ad I just renamed them “Condoms for Dummies.” What ad? A Control ad in which they compare the placement of a condom with sheathing a medieval sword and that it has no waste. At this point I must say I don’t know if I learn a lot writing these posts, but I have a lot of fun.

Latex-free condoms
Although the percentage of people allergic to this material is small, until recently they complained bitterly (and rightly so) about the high price of latex-free condoms. The price of these condoms can be up to € 3 per unit (about 7 or 8 times more than classic condoms).

Currently we find as an alternative the Real Feel condoms, from Durex. They are made of polyurethane (like most latex-free condoms) and are also thinner. Its price is similar to the rest of the special condoms (flavors, striated, etc.) and ranges between € 0.80 – € 1 per unit. It is certainly great news for those allergic to latex.

Combination condoms
If we already warned that there was no ceiling for imagination in flavors, there is no ceiling for combinations of types of condoms. Some examples are:

  • Extrafine + Extralubricated
  • Striated + Delayed
  • Heat effect + Striated
  • Freshness effect + Striated
  • Double somersault + Spin

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You may not find any place in the world with as many types of condoms as in the famous Amsterdam Condomerie. It is a store in which condoms are displayed in the window hanging from ropes with tweezers (as if they were socks drying in the sun). Regardless of the curiosity that marsmallow or Dutch mill-shaped condoms may arouse (with their blades included), the truth is that protection in sexual intercourse is no laughing matter.

Preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases is the main function of a condom. And by sexually transmitted diseases I do not mean only AIDS, but others that are easier to spread such as hepatitis B.

If someone wants to have fun in a tupper-sex with their friends, I think it’s perfect. If someone wants to celebrate a bachelor party and make fun with bizarre condoms, it also seems perfect (maybe a little ordinary, but perfect).

Now, when it is time to have sex and especially if it is not with the usual partner, my advice is that the condoms are from brands like those mentioned above, which scrupulously comply with the manufacturing requirements. And, even if you accuse me of sweeping for home, buy them in establishments that offer all the guarantees.

All types of condoms in the world are great fun to play with, but sexual health is no fun.

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